Special Series: 25 Days of Literacy


Do you ever have days when you feel totally isolated and all alone as an SLP?

The teachers tend to form an “inner circle”, the psychologists and social workers tend to be pals, and the PTs and OTs hang out together…

There’s a chance that you might be friendly with some of these people as well…but there are times we just wish we had more access to other SLPs who really get what we do.

The good news is that we actually DO have access to thousands of other SLPs, even if we are the only SLP in the building.

All because of Facebook.

With the growing popularity of Facebook professional interest groups, all we have to do is log on and get access to thousands of like-minded people.

These groups can be the saving grace on those days we need advice on a tricky case, when we want to find some good resources, or when we just need to vent about a crappy day.

Facebook groups can be a game changer if you take advantage of the opportunity to connect and learn.

Personally, I was lucky to stumble upon a group called the Speech Language Pathologists Role in Language and Literacy, run by Sarah Warchol and Lyndsey Zurawski.

This group currently has over 3,000 members who’ve come together to discuss ways SLPs can promote literacy…and some of the resources I’ve found here have had a huge influence on my work the past year.

The day-to-day discussions are top-notch, but they’re stepping it in December 2016 up by hosting a special series of posts written by SLPs for SLPs.

The series is called “25 days of literacy” and it will be filled with epic posts every couple days that will dive deep in to our role in literacy, with practical tips for therapy.

If you’re not already a member of this group, you can click here and join for free.

I was lucky enough to be one of those guest posters for December series, so my post will be going live December 20, where I’ll share a 30-minute video training focused on our role in literacy and vocabulary intervention.

Rumor has it that Dr. Jan Wasowicz from Learning by Design, one of the creators of Spell-Links, is also going to be posting.

The posts have already starting going up. You can see the first post by Kim Lewis from Activity Tailor here.

Trust me on this one…you’re not going to want to miss this series!



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