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I have had a couple of people ask me my favorite “meta” resources. Here are some of the authors who have inspired me over the years:

Dr. Louisa Moats
A psychologist and teacher, Louisa Moats is one of the best in the field of reading and literacy. Her research and books are timeless for any professional working on literacy. I had the opportunity to hear her speak at ASHA one year and it was one of the highlights of the day. She truly understands the language and literacy connection and has tons of quality books and materials available through her website: http://louisamoats.com/

Dr. Jan Wasowicz
Dr. Wasowicz is an SLP who owns a private practice in Illinois, and also the co-author of the SPELL-links curriculum designed to analyze spelling errors as a means of assessing and improving language through “word study.” Her presentations at the Illinois Speech Language and Hearing Association convention of 2015 changed the way I think about spelling and the SLP’s role in addressing it. She is the CEO of Learning by Design, a company that offers webinars, trainings, and products for word study. Their site is www.learningbydesign.com.

Dr. Barbara Ehren
If you feel confused about your role as an SLP in the school systems, I highly recommend reading some of Dr. Ehren’s articles. She’s been published in multiple ASHA publications and has presented on topics addressing vocabulary with a metalinguistic focus and how we should be doing this. An article that really changed my philosophy was the following:

Ehren, B (2000). Maintaining a therapeutic focus and sharing a responsibility for student success. Language Speech and Hearing Services in Schools, 31, 219-229. doi: 10.1044/0161-1461.3103.219

Dr. Judy Montgomery
Another SLP with an expertise in vocabulary, she has been well-published and has done multiple presentations on our role in addressing vocabulary. She has a book titled “Bridge of Vocabulary: Evidence of Academic Success” that is a useful guide for SLPs.

Isabel Beck, Margaret Mckeown, and Linda Kucan
I mentioned these three together because they are co-authors of several books that are extremely beneficial to any educational professional addressing vocabulary skills. Their book, “Bringing Words to Life” explains the 3 tiers of vocabulary and clarifies how we can get the biggest bang for our buck when directly teaching students word meanings and strategies.

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