How to boost comprehension, processing, and academic performance WITHOUT hours of prep, planning, & research

In this training, I'll reveal:

  • The five essential ingredients every effective language therapy protocol must have (that aren't being taught in most classrooms).
  • How to eliminate "time-wasters" from your sessions, so you can prioritize skills that make a true impact on reading, writing, and spelling.
  • The single most impactful skill that gets to the root cause of language processing issues (You'll be able to target fewer skills, but get better results).
  • Why many students don't make progress with "following directions", "wh" questions, and "comprehension strategies" (plus what to do instead).


Dr. Karen Dudek-Brannan

Dr. Karen helps pediatric SLPs create better systems for language therapy, so they can make a lasting impact on the clients they serve.

She's a licensed SLP, has a doctorate in special education, a special education director license, and an assistive technology graduate certificate. She spent 14 years in the school systems before starting an online education company in 2015.

Here's a sneak peak of what's in this training:

The "essential 5"

There are five essential skills that can dramatically increase the language skills students need to succeed (like grammar, comprehension, and oral & written expression).

The goal-writing hack

You don't need another goal-bank, you need a better system. I'll share the little-known process that simplifies goal-writing and data collection so you can focus on the kids

The burnout solution

Most tips for SLPs don't give you what you need to be successful. I'll share a simple and effective shift that's helping hundreds of SLPs rekindle their passion for their work.

You don't have to teach kids every single skill. You just have to teach them the RIGHT skills.

Join me in this free training and learn how to give kids the skills they need to be strong readers, writers, spellers.