Language Therapy Advance Premium Membership

Learn my most advanced set of strategies for building academic skills and getting students with language disorders to their LRE (or out of special education completely).

Language Therapy Advance is the only ongoing training program that gives SLPs a system for treating language disorders. This is a subscription-based service with online training, coaching, and therapy materials.

In Language Therapy Advance, you’ll learn:

*The essential 5 components your students need to thrive in school, plus the secret ingredient for carryover.

*Cutting-edge treatment protocols for building semantics, syntax, orthography, morphology, and phonology; so your students gain the vocabulary skills needed for life (plus printable protocols and worksheets).

*How to align with the curriculum and write detailed present levels statements without playing email tag with teachers and working all weekend.

*How to write powerful goals you can track easily (unconventional goal bank included).

*Plus a private member’s only community with regular live coaching calls with Dr. Karen.

The Vocabulary Foundation

Take your students from failing to thriving by building academic word knowledge.

The Vocabulary Foundation is your road map for closing vocabulary gaps in students with language disorders.

In The Vocabulary Foundation, you’ll learn:

*How word learning is different for students with language disorders, and why the SLPs’ role is different than the teachers’. 

*How to select high-quality words and how many to target each week, so you can deliver effective therapy even if you’ve only got 30 minutes per week. 

*How to track progress in a way that’s manageable and functional, so you spend less time worrying about data and more time engaging with your students. language disorders; the vocabulary foundation


The Art and Science of Narrative Language

Confused about when to “push-in” or “pull-out”? Not sure how to give your treatment that extra edge so students with language disorders generalize?

I’ll lay that all out for you in the Art and Science of Narrative Language, one of the only programs with a step-by-step protocol that works whether you’re “pushing-in” or “pulling-out”.

In the Art and Science of Narrative Language, you’ll learn:

*How to pinpoint signs of disordered narrative skills, so you can build solid storytelling skills needed for school and life. 

*Evidence-based techniques evaluating and treating narrative language backed by peer-reviewed studies. 

*Step-by-step guide for evaluating and treating narrative language, plus tutorials on how to scaffold when students are struggling. 
language disorders; the art and science of narrative language


The Word Study Toolkit for SLPs

Ready-to-use word lists and flash cards for building the skills your students need to be successful readers and spellers.

You’ll get sets of word lists and flash cards designed to build morphological and orthographic awareness (over 200 flash cards total) including:

*17 key concepts for building morphology/orthography skills
*36 Prefixes
*36 Root/Base words
*39 Suffixes
*100 Multiple Meaning Words

Plus definitions and flashcards, and quick guides for each flashcards-so your students know what each word/word part means and the reason behind it’s spelling (so your students don’t have to “guess” or “memorize” word spellings).


The Testing Time-Saver for Language Evaluations

Get through that pile of reports on your desk in record time with these word-for-word scripts.

In the Testing Time-Saver for Language Evaluations, you’ll get:

*Detailed summaries of 12 norm-referenced evaluation tools used for diagnosing language disorders, with a breakdown of what language components what they measure.

*Narrative descriptions of tasks required for each sub-test, you can copy and paste word-for-word in to your evaluation reports, so you can shave hours off the time you spend doing paperwork.



tier 2 vocabulary; school speech therapy; language therapy techniques

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