The Language Therapy Advance Volumes 1 & 2 package includes a set of self-led online courses for SLPs that shows you how to get BETTER RESULTS by focusing on the RIGHT THINGS. Paired together, these courses can help SLPs delivering language therapy to focus on high-impact skills, such as metalinguistic training with an emphasis on vocabulary so that their students can finally experience academic success. This program also helps SLPs master the art of productivity when it comes to paperwork and planning, so they can have a life outside of work. This course package includes a members’ only Facebook group reserved for paying members of the program, and several sets of Live Q & A coaching calls with Dr. Karen. Click the here for more information. The course is available now for $497, and is worth 12 CMHs.

The Testing Time-Saver for Language Evaluations is a set of tables for SLPs who want to shave hours of their evaluation time. This is a quick guide, with descriptions of 12 norm-referenced language evaluation tools. Each test summary contains a behavioral description of what a student would have to do when completing each subtest, which can easily be copied and pasted directly into a narrative description for a report or present levels statement. Each summary also contains a description of what language skills are assessed within each subtest and the age range, so you can quickly find the most effective assessment tool for your students. A $97 value, this product is now available for $47. Click here to get it.

The Vocabulary Foundation is the SLP’s no-fluff guide for vocabulary intervention that will show them exactly what an SLP should be doing to build their students’ vocabulary (including how this is different from a general or special education teacher), how to select the right target vocabulary, how many words to target over the course of a typical weekly schedule, and the key components to effective intervention based on research. In addition to video modules, you’ll get printable downloads including the 540 Tier 2 Words book with printable word lists and flash cards, the Basic Concepts for Language Therapy (includes 168 basic concept flashcards), and protocols for structured data collection and formal evaluation of vocabulary. This course is worth 3 CMHS, and you can get it now for $147. To get more information click here.

With the Word Study Toolkit for SLPs, you’ll get the tools you need to build the skills your students need to be successful readers and spellers…in a way that only YOU the SLP can do.

You’ll get sets of word lists and flash cards designed to build morphological and orthographic awareness (over 200 flash cards total) including:

17 key concepts for building morphology/orthography skills
36 Prefixes
36 Root/Base words
39 Suffixes
100 Multiple Meaning Words

Plus definitions and flashcards, and quick guides for each flashcards-so your students know what each word/word part means and the reason behind it’s spelling (so your students don’t have to “guess” or “memorize” word spellings). You can get it now for $47 by clicking here.

The Art and Science of Narrative Language is the SLP’s evidence-based system for building functional language skills.  It’s time to stop winging it and starting build your students’ Narrative Language skills, so you can finally help them apply those skills you’ve been teaching them in therapy. This course solves the debate of “push-in” versus “pull-out” therapy in the schools by showing SLPs a research-based protocol they can use to help students apply language skills by becoming better storytellers.

This 3.5 hour self-led online course comes with the following handouts and protocols:

Hallmark Characteristics of Narratives for Children with SLIs
Narrative Macrostructure and Microstructure Elements
Hierarchy of Pre-Episodic and Episodic Elements
Guide to Contextualized Language Intervention
Cohesive Devices Cheat Sheet
Story Grammar Scaffolding System
Scaffolding for Narratives Cheat Sheet

To get the Art and Science of Narrative Language for $97, click here. 

tier 2 vocabulary; school speech therapy; language therapy techniques

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