Semantic Feature Analysis for Adjectives

semantic feature analysis; adjectives for speech therapy

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions about semantic feature analysis.

What is that, exactly? Keep reading to find out…

Many of us know how to do semantic feature analysis for nouns, but we know that our students need to know verbs and adjectives as well.

Helping our students analysis these types of words isn’t as straightforward as nouns…which is a problem if we’re wanting to really improve our students’ functioning in school.

That’s why this week, I’ve released a couple videos that are normally reserved for paid members of a program I teach called Language Therapy Advance.

I call these the “virtual therapist” videos. Many of my readers have asked to see live recordings of me doing therapy so they can get an idea of how to implement some of the techniques that I share.

I decided to give you something even better. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could pop in to your and model ways to lead your students through some of these tried and true techniques?

Well…now I can…sort of.

I’ve designed these videos so you can play them for your students to help lead them through semantic feature analysis, and I’ve just added them to my YouTube channel this weekend.

In this first video, I walk you through doing semantic feature analysis for an adjective. Once you use this recording a couple times, you should be able to see how it’s done so you can study other words with your students:

language disorders; language therapy techniques; school speech therapy

In this second video, I take it a step further. Once you brainstorm semantic information, you’re going to want to give your students an opportunity to USE the pieces of information they just discussed. That’s why this second video outlines a way you can use semantic feature analysis to improve your students’ ability to explain and define words.

You can watch the second video here:

language disorders; language therapy techniques;

I hope you enjoy!

~Dr. Karen

P.S. If you’re ready to try this and want to know how to pick the right words to study, you’ll want to sign up for this FREE training: 


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